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Small But Powerful—Precise Distance Measurement up to 60 m in Particularly Confined Spaces


Photoelectric Distance Sensors of the R200 Series with Pulse Ranging Technology

R200-PRT series
R200 sensors can be easily integrated into confined machine designs.

From material handling to the automotive industry, there are many different applications that require precise distance measurement over long distances. This task poses a particular challenge if the sensor must not take up much space due to the installation situation. Pepperl+Fuchs now offers a solution: the new photoelectric distance sensors of the R200 series integrate the powerful Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT) in a compact standard housing—for precise measurement results at distances of up to 60 m.

Compact Design, High Detection Range

Based on over 250,000 laser pulses emitted per second, PRT enables highly precise and reliable distance measurements. With this technology, the R200 achieves an impressive repeat accuracy of ≤ 3 mm. As the measuring range of PRT sensors, unlike triangulation sensors, is not limited by the geometric arrangement of the optics, they can measure large distances even with their small design. For example, the R200 distance sensor offers a detection range of 10 m when measuring white objects directly. As a variant with reflector, the sensor even achieves distances of up to 60 m—with dimensions of just 15 x 41.7 x 50.6 mm.

Due to its especially compact design, the R200 with Pulse Ranging Technology can be easily integrated into confined machine designs. The swivel connector plugs provide additional flexibility during installation, so that even demanding measuring tasks can be solved in the smallest of spaces. For example, the distance sensors are used on conveyor systems, on automatic shuttles in high-bay warehouses, or on monorail conveyors in automotive production. Not only their performance, but also their cost-efficient design make the sensors the optimal solution for a wide range of applications.

With its remarkably compact design, the R200 with PRT even fits into small automatic shuttles. In the version with reflector, for example, the sensor measures the end position of a row of shelves at distances of up to 60 m.

Future-Oriented Sensor Series with IO-Link

The R200 with Pulse Ranging Technology is the latest addition to the R10x/R20x series from Pepperl+Fuchs, which combines all photoelectric functional principles in five standard housings. Users therefore benefit from the intuitive operating and display concept that is standardized across the entire series. Like the other sensors in the R10x and R20x series, the new distance sensor has been designed with the future in mind: Equipped with a standardized IO-Link interface in the latest version 1.1.3 including Smart Sensor Profile, the R200 with PRT can be easily integrated into Industry 4.0 environments.

Highlights of the R200 Photoelectric Distance Sensor with PRT

  • High-precision distance measurement up to 10 m, optionally up to 60 m with reflector
  • Particularly compact design—for more flexibility where space is limited
  • Intelligent Pulse Ranging Technology with a repeat accuracy of ≤ 3 mm
  • Standardized IO-Link interface with Smart Sensor Profile for future-oriented automation
  • Optimized, cost-efficient design for maximum flexibility


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