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Sensor Solutions for Industry 4.0 Applications

Sensorik4.0® – from Idea to Solution

Smart Products

Smart Products

Industry 4.0 defines a vision of smart products exchanging data via the Internet. Processes can be optimized using condition, position, and availability data while also saving resources. Having the right information in place at the right time is one of the building blocks of future business success.
Smart Sensors

Smart Sensors

Sensors are the eyes and ears of machines and plants. They need to accurately monitor production process and machine environments. To fulfill this task, the sensors flexibly adapt to the process and the environment while quickly communicating functional data to the processing unit—for Pepperl+Fuchs this is “Sensorik4.0®.”
Smart Data

Smart Data

In order to assess production processes, the correct information is filtered from abundant available sensor data. This is achieved by connecting diverse data from different software platforms. A suitable analysis and data visualization enables in-depth optimization of machine processes.
Smart Processes

Smart Processes

Connecting digital planning data with actual status information from objects, machines, and plants allows automation of complex tasks. Predictive maintenance and supply processes are implemented with minimal human intervention. This saves resources and frees valuable capacities better used for new ideas and innovations.

Sensorik4.0® Products

Neoception GmbH – the new subsidiary of Pepperl+Fuchs

Think digital, add value

Neoception GmbH

Neoception GmbH is your partner on the path toward digitalization. From connecting your products or plants with central data services to developing completely new business models for your company, we are here to offer guidance and support.

With individual consulting, flexible engineering services, and core competence in Sensorik4.0® from Pepperl+Fuchs, we take on the implementation, operation, and maintenance of all needed IT services. Creating as much value as possible for you and your customers is always our focus.

To bring your application to life, we draw on our large network of business partners, which you can get a glimpse of on the Solutions Park. This network allows us to find the platform that best fits you and your application in order to immediately add value.

Neoception is your key partner for digital added-value services within the Pepperl+Fuchs group.


Applied Industry 4.0 at the Solutions Park

Sensorik4.0 by Pepperl+Fuchs

Data collected by sensors and actuators builds the basis for extensive networking of machines and other objects. To unlock the potential of this “Internet of Things”, innovative solutions are needed which take advantage of the communication ability of modern industrial sensors.

With the “Solutions Park”, Pepperl+Fuchs brings its approach to Industry 4.0 to trade fairs: process and status data from sensors and actuators is made accessible in internal or external IT systems. Using this data, IT systems perform visualization functions, realize model-based optimization procedures, and plan demand-based preventive maintenance processes.

Learn more about the solutions developed in close partnership with IT companies, their distinct advantages, and the refinements they provide for the future.

Sensorik4.0®: Paving the Way for Industry 4.0

Pepperl+Fuchs understands Sensorik4.0® is a pioneer for the fourth industrial revolution: it delivers the necessary data. A good example for Sensorik4.0® is the R100 photoelectric sensor—this smart sensor is used in its own manufacture at Pepperl+Fuchs in Berlin. Due to its IO-Link interface, the R100 allows communication down to the sensor level, thus enabling a fully connected plant.

LB PROFINET Gateway—Setting New Standards

The new, Zone 2, Class I/Div. 2 certified remote I/O PROFINET gateway from Pepperl+Fuchs sets new standards in handling, user-friendliness and security and opens the door to Industry 4.0 applications in the process industry.

The Internet of Sensors—Automating Our Everyday Life

The Internet of Things—or IoT, for short—automates our everyday life. With the increasing intelligence of sensors and their connection to the Internet, they provide important information about the location as well as the condition of goods, machines or plants. The future will be shaped by Smart Cities, Smart Industry and Smart Logistics.

Discover the Smart City of Heidelberg

Sensorik4.0®: Connected Customization with 2-D LiDAR Sensors

Intelligent multi-sensor systems with 2-D LiDAR sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs can precisely scan object contours and merge the measured data into a 3-D point cloud. The three-dimensional image of the scanned object is then made available in the NeoNeon cloud in a standardized format within a few seconds, so other systems can process the data immediately.

Sensorik4.0®—Developing Parts Virtually with Twin Space

How can real and virtual machines work together efficiently? In which way do a digital twin, sensor technology and cloud solutions contribute to producing series without material waste or batch size 1? The fully functional fair exhibit Twin Space makes it possible to develop and optimize parts virtually before realizing the product at the touch of a button.

Sensor Data as a Service—Making Sensor Information Available

The consistent networking of a production process for Industry 4.0 requires comprehensive application of sensors using various functional principles. Photoelectric sensors, ultrasonic sensors, or RFID and positioning systems may be applied. Making this information readily available in the Internet means “Sensor Data as a Service.”

Apps from Necoeption form the basis for transmission of process data from industry sensors. Operated on standard gateways they are the software adapters that enable connection of sensor hardware to different cloud platforms. This allows an easy access to the Internet of Things.

Product Study: "Connecting Any Field Device"

With the "Connecting Any Field Device" product study, CodeWrights, Neoception, and Pepperl+Fuchs demonstrate how to smoothly integrate field devices into an existing IT infrastructure and make data availble in real-time. This availability of field device data allows to remotely monitor processes and individually analyze them.


Certain Industry 4.0 scenarios require such precise object differentiation that conventional sensors are not up to the task. Pepperl+Fuchs subsidiary VMT Bildverarbeitungssysteme GmbH demonstrates how these applications are solved by establishing intelligent detection and segmentation of objects.

As an example, the “PickFinder” handles small chocolate tablets. The chocolate has different colors and shapes that make separation and bowl extraction an insurmountable problem for common solutions. A combination of software and precise vision sensors with a Universal Robot creates an impressive demonstration for flexible human-robot collaboration, giving a glimpse into the future of manufacturing.

Wireless Ultrasonic Sensor

Whether for detection of liquids or bulk material in tanks or silos: fill level measurement is among the most common tasks in automation technology. Intelligently reshaping these applications for Industry 4.0 creates brand new advantages.

A long-life battery powered ultrasonic sensor from Pepperl+Fuchs wirelessly transmits fill level data from different containers via mobile networks to a cloud from Neoception. Data is stored in the cloud for location-independent interpretation in SAP’s Connected Goods application. As a result, distant measurement points can be monitored and correlated to one another for in-depth optimization of production and logistics processes.

Experience Uncompromising Mobility

The intrinsically safe Smart-Ex® 02 smartphone combines the functions of a smartphone, PDA, scanner, and camera and facilitates the daily activities of mobile workers anytime and anywhere—even in Zone 1/21, 2/22 and Division 1/2 hazardous areas. When combined with innovative peripherals such as the CUBE 800 intrinsically safe thermal video camera and the Smart-Ex Watch 01 hazardous area smartwatch, the Smart-Ex 02 can support mobile workers with a diverse range of tasks in the field. This gives companies a solution that opens up new possibilities for Industry 4.0 applications.

Learn More about the Smart-Ex® 02

Ethernet for Process Automation

Pepperl+Fuchs and several companies are jointly developing the new "Advanced Physical Layer" (APL), enabling comprehensive Ethernet communication in process automation. Via two-wire cables, field devices are directly connected to the Ethernet – gateways are no longer needed.

With 10 Mbit/s, this direct Ethernet connection is almost 10,000 times faster than HART. Thus, data can be transferred and made available much faster. The wealth of information provided by modern field devices and sensors can be fully used, enabling Industry 4.0 applications within process automation.

Advanced Machine Monitoring

This application, developed by Cluetec, a system automation company, and Pepperl+Fuchs, demonstrates a streaming platform for sensor data. The advantage of such platforms lies in the direct processing and evaluation of data streams from the sensor. If there is a deviation from the expected value, the platforms generate a warning message and can thus independently request help to check the technical system.

This is visualized in the exhibit by monitoring a mechanical linear axis. If a fault scenario occurs, it is recognized by the sensor data platform and a corresponding event is generated – for example, a message is sent to a technician.

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Automatic Asset Administration

In addition to pure process data, automation components that communicate digitally provide a multitude of extra information that is seldom fully evaluated by traditional machine control. By using a gateway to access the automation components at the lowest level and a data platform to manage type and instance data, this additional information already offers valuable added benefits for the safe operation of machines and plants.

In cooperation with its partners Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH and SAP SE, Pepperl+Fuchs is exhibiting a demonstrator that visualizes the benefits of managing component data centrally on a data platform. To do so, a simple automation function is visualized using the Asset Intelligent Network (AIN).

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From the Sensor to the Cloud

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces the first IO-Link master with integrated OPC UA interface. The master collects data from IO-Link devices at the field level and forwards it to higher-level systems such as controllers or cloud systems. Incorporated MultiLink™ technology allows the data to be transmitted to a higher-level controller via PROFINET or EtherNet/IP and simultaneously read out via OPC UA for transmission to a cloud or private platforms.

OPC UA, short for Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture, contains a self-describing data model. It enables platform-independent, interoperable, and manufacturer-independent collaboration of machines in production and communication between machines and systems—both in closed networks and via internet.

Discover Solutions for Cloud-based Applications

Cloud-based Type Verification

Cloud-based sensor systems are inherently beneficial whenever data from spatially remote production systems is collected and processed. The joint project “Cloud-based Type Verification” from SAP and Pepperl+Fuchs demonstrates this in a typical just-in-time application where semi-finished components are previously tested by the component supplier so that final processing is more efficient.

During the assembly of the lamp on the carrier, an industrial ultrasonic sensor verifies the lamp type. Then, using Pepperl+Fuchs' SmartBridge technology, a track & trace production process is triggered in the SAP Cloud and sent directly to the higher-level SAP Asset Intelligence Network.

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Cloud Connected Digital Hydraulics

Hydraulics are used in everything from construction machinery and motor vehicles to large industrial presses. To make the processes in hydraulic applications even leaner and more transparent, the Austrian company LCM GmbH, a Pepperl+Fuchs Group partner company, has developed a sophisticated digital hydraulic system that consumes considerably less energy than conventional analog hydraulic systems.

By integrating intelligent sensor technology into the digital hydraulics and the corresponding infrastructure, acquired data can be transferred directly to higher-level (cloud) systems via OPC UA —this sets new standards in the field of hydraulic systems!

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Dimensional Consistency Check

By joining data from several individual sensors, the 3-dimensional analysis of large machine parts is performed quickly and with exceptional precision. Real-world measurements are compared immediately with virtual-world design data. This meets the requirement of Industry 4.0 to supply digitized data from all phases of the product-lifecycle.

Teaming up with subsidiary VMT, Pepperl+Fuchs has developed an application for the automotive engine assembly process. Several SpinScan sensors evaluate the engine cast for a motor block at various critical points and correlate these dimensions with the respective CAD coordinates. This evaluation takes place so that deviations are detected before the costly casting process is initiated.

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