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Broschürencover: VariKont mit Active Shielding Technology 立刻下载

In this brochure, learn more about the VariKont inductive sensor series with Active Shielding Technology. This technology ensures consistently high switching distances, no matter the installation situation or material.

Product Overview Proximity Sensors 立刻下载


  • 电感式传感器 ——圆柱形与方形
  • 电感式传感器——圆柱形、方形、平滑外形,槽形与环形
  • 安装附件
  • 测试仪
Cover IO-Link-Master mit OPC UA-Schnittstelle 立刻下载

The ICE 2 (EtherNet/IP) and ICE3 (PROFINET) IO-Link master series come with an OPC UA interface and a real-time fieldbus protocol, making them an ideal solution for cloud-based applications with no superior PLC. In this brochure, learn how these modules enable seamless information exchange from field to cloud.

Identifikations Systeme Gruppenbild Download Now

In this brochure we offer information to you about the following topics:


  • Stationary 2-D Code Readers
  • Mobile 2-D Code Readers
  • Barcode Scanners
  • OIT High-Temperature Identification Systems
  • RFID—Overview and Technology
  • IDENTControl Control Interfaces, IO-Link Master
  • LF Read/Write Heads
  • HF Read/Write Heads
  • UHF Read/Write Heads
  • Tags
  • Handhelds
  • Devices for Hazardous Areas
IO-Link 立刻下载

In this brochure we offer information to you about the following topics:

  • IO-Link product portfolio
  • Long-term cost reductions with IO-Link
  • Consistent communication down to the sensor level
  • Tools and operating interfaces for parameterization and diagnosis
Produktübersicht Reduktionsfaktor-1-Sensoren 立刻下载


  • 操作距离12毫米的NRB12
  • 防焊传感器
G20 ZPA Motorrollenmodul 立刻下载

With the new G20 ZPA roller module from Pepperl+Fuchs, the infeed of packages on conveyor belts can be adjusted to match the rate of packages leaving the conveyor belt—individually and without time-consuming programming. Learn more about the intelligent and cost-effective solution in this brochure.

Broschürencover Serien R10x und R20x 立刻下载


Product Overview— Inductive Positioning Systems 立刻下载

PMI电感式定位技术,结合电感式接近传感器的坚固性与位置测量和角度定位系统的高精度。凭借最高的质量标准和市场上最丰富的经验,我们提供全面的电感式定位系统产品系列 …

Neigungs- und Beschleunigungssensoren 立刻下载


  • F99系列倾角传感器用于商务车辆,工程机械,物流运输,太阳能厂,汽车车间,轨道交通,航海船舶以及金属加工等
  • F99 系列加速度传感器用于风能厂,大型机械,电梯,大型工厂,机器人及叉车等
Quick Product Selection Overview 立刻下载


Overview AS-Interface 立刻下载
  • AS-interface 主要技术参数
  • AS-interface 主站/网关
  • 电源/电源扩展和网络中继器
  • 这种AS-interface模块,连接设备
  • AS-interface安全系列产品(Safety at Work)
  • AS-interface在工厂自动化领域的应用
  • 网络附件和总线型传感器
  • 合作伙伴
ultrasonics, ultrasonic sensor, ultrasonic sensors, umb800, UMB800, flyer, cover 立刻下载

In this brochure we offer information to you about the following topics:

  • All Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Sensor: Innovation for Hygienic and Chemical Applications
  • Perfect Performance in the Product Contact Zone
  • Extremely Robust – Even with the Most Aggressive Media
Connectivity Product Overview, flyer, brochure, connectivity 立刻下载

Pepperl+Fuchs provides high-performance sensor technology with connection technology to match. This brochure gives an overview of our extensive connectivity portfolio. Find the right cable for your specifi automation requirements.

Multi-Ray LED Scanner, R2100, r2100, photoelectric sensor, photoelectric sensors, laser scanner, 2-D LiDAR sensors, 2-D LiDAR sensor 立刻下载

In this brochure we offer information to you about the following topics:

  • Pulse Ranging Technology
  • Sophisticated Design for Maximum Efficiency
  • The World’s First Multi-Ray LED Scanner
  • Cutting-edge Design for Greater Efficiency



Ultrasonic Sensors Overview 立刻下载


  • 圆柱形传感器
  • 超声波武位传感器
  • VariKont 系列, FP 系列, F12 系列, F43系列, F54系列
  • 超声波对射型传感器
  • 超声波双纸检测
  • 独立检测传感器
  • 附件
  • ULTRA3000工具软件
Product information Overview Rotary Encoder 立刻下载


  • 增量型旋转编码器
  • 绝对值编码器  
  • 防爆领域的旋转编码器  
  • 特殊设计
  • 不同的接口
  • 附件
Product Overview Photoelectric Sensors for Automation Technology 立刻下载


  • 紧凑型传感器
  • 标准光电传感器 
  • 矩形传感器
  • 光纤传感器 
  • 槽形传感器 
  • 色标/颜色传感器 
  • 光栅传感器
  • 光学传感器
  • 测距传感器 
  • 视觉传感器
  • 附件