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Single-Beam Light Barriers

The through-beam photoelectric sensors SLA series is part of a category 2 or 4 self-monitoring photoelectric safety devices per EN 954-1 and EN 61496. It must be used with the SLVA or SC4-8 safety amplifiers.

Up to 8 through-beam sensors can be connected to one safety switching amplifier. The SLA through-beam sensors together with the SLVA amplifier form a modular protective system with an operating range of up to 65 m. Additional muting sensors and safety devices such as emergency stops can be selected by the user. Different types of safety through-beam sensors can be used with the amplifier as long as each pair consists of a transmitter and receiver of the same type.

The amplifiers also contain the power supply for the safety sensors. The control of the transmitters and the analysis of the signals from the receivers (e.g. interruption of a light beam) likewise take place via the amplifier. Deflecting mirrors also allow multilateral safeguarding.


Basic application with increased violation risk. For example as entry protection for palletizing systems, robots, woodworking machines, packaging machines, automatic warehouses and machine equipment.

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