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以太网非管理型交换机,带 5 个 RJ45 端口和端口报警fa

非托管式以太网交换机,带 8 个 RJ45 端口和端口报警fa

托管式以太网千兆位交换机,带 20 个 RJ45 端口和 4 个共享 SFP 端口 fa

非托管式以太网交换机,带 4 个 RJ45 千兆位端口,1个千兆位 SFP 插槽和故障报警fa

托管式以太网千兆位交换机,带 8 个 RJ45 端口和 4 个 SFP 端口fa

RocketLinx ICRL-U-10RJ45-PoE-B-DINfa

非托管式以太网 PoE 交换机,带 4 个 RJ45 千兆位端口,1 个千兆位 SFP 插槽和故障报警fa

以太网非管理型交换机,带 5 个 RJ45 端口、端口警报和扩展温度范围fa

非托管式以太网交换机,带 5 个 RJ45 千兆位端口和故障报警fa

非托管式以太网 PoE 交换机,带 5 个 RJ45 千兆位端口和故障报警fa
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Free Download: White Paper on TCP-Based Communication Protocols (PDF)

This free PDF white paper compares the different TCP-based communication protocols (AMQP, OPC UA, MQTT, REST API) that have found their way up and are considered the enablers of IIoT and Industry 4.0. Get your free download now!