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Laser Profile Sensors

Based on the proven light section method, SmartRunner technology employs a laser line and a camera to precisely detect height profiles using the triangulation principle. The advantages of the light section method over typical vision sensors are especially clear in difficult ambient conditions. No external lighting is required, even with low-contrast objects such as metal on metal and single-color plastics. Even different surfaces, different colors, and extraneous light do not influence the measurement result.

SmartRunner technology offers the following innovative features:

  • The unique combination of the light section method and 2-D vision sensor also enables 2-D image capture
  • Integrated, application-specific evaluation makes the technology easy to use
  • Complex measurement data is transformed into digital switching signals via an RS-485 interface, and all common field buses can be connected via gateways, making integration quick
  • Teach-in and Data Matrix control codes simplify replacement and offer redundancy
  • An operating wizard enables intuitive parameterization
  • A swiveling connection makes the technology easy to install
  • Class 1 laser prevents eye injury

Overview Laser Profile Sensors