Sensor Solutions for Material Handling

From high-bay warehouses to conveyor technology—here you can find the ideal solutions for your application!


Comprehensive Portfolio

From high-bay warehouses to conveyor technology—our comprehensive product portfolio offers the ideal solutions for your individual applications. You'll enjoy easy handling and seamless integraton into your application process.
Pepperl+Fuchs offers tailor-made solutions for their customers.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Pepperl+Fuchs continuously engineers new solutions for material handling, tailored to the demands of the industry and our customers.
Long-time expertise in material handling.

An Experienced Market Leader

With more than 70 years of experience in industrial automation, Pepperl+Fuchs has successfully solved a diverse range of applications and is continuosly developing new technologies to make your processes more reliable and efficient.
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Your success is important to us: Create safe and efficient processes and upgrade your plant to Industry 4.0 with intelligent sensor technology from Pepperl+Fuchs!

Sensors for Every Area of Material Handling

Whether automated storage and retrieval system, conveyor system, automated guided vehicle (AGV), industrial truck, or crane, sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs are used in all areas of material handling. Watch the video to learn how the right solution can prevent collisions, enable safe navigation, or reliably detect positions.

Conveyor Technology

Conveyor Technology

Product Highlights

G20 48V motor control module
Cost-Efficient Solution for Modern Conveyor Systems

The G20 48V motor control module was designed for modern, complex conveyor systems. The modules offer higher performance with the same power consumption. This means that fewer power supplies need to be installed along the conveyor line, making system planning much more flexible ... Learn more

Pallet Detector
Flexible Pallet Detection on Conveyor Lines

In order to detect different types of pallets on conveyor lines, Pepperl+Fuchs has developed a modular sensor solution: The Pallet Detector consists of an application-specific sensor bracket that can be combined with a photoelectric or an ultrasonic sensor, depending on the pallet type ... Learn more

Efficiently Monitoring Conveyor Belt Utilization

To control the flow of packages, the occupancy of a conveyor belt must be reliably monitored. Pepperl+Fuchs offers a highly efficient solution for this application: the Contour2D sensor system only requires a single LiDAR sensor and can be commissioned quickly and easily … Learn more

M18 Application
Rugged Solution for Standard Applications

The cylindrical photoelectric sensors of the M18 series are optimized for standard applications in conveyor technology. Side-looker versions with a shortened design measuring 40 mm enable not only space-saving installation from below, but also a view around the corner. At the same time, the metal housing and metal threads offer high mechanical stability ... Learn more

Safety sensors for use in danger zones
Safeguarding Danger Zones

Personal safety is a basic requirement in automated processes. Noncontact protective devices like safety light barriers with the corresponding safety control units ensure that a stop is initiated in the event of unauthorized access or reaching into danger zones … Learn more

More Solutions

R202 Series
Reliable Detection—Even With Foil-Wrapped Pallets

The photoelectric standard sensors in cubic design of the R202 series have been specially designed for material handling. A variant for clear-object detection reliably detects foil-wrapped pallets without dead band. Integrated solid metal bushings ensure reliable and stable mounting ... Learn more

Ethernet IO modules with IO-Link master for use in conveyor technology
Increasing Process Transparency

Ethernet IO modules with IO-Link master enable real-time data transfer by quickly and easily connecting field devices with the upper-level bus system. Additionally, their comprehensive diagnostic functions help improve transparency during the process … Learn more

Load Handling
Efficient Load Handling

Picking up, securing, and transporting loads presents numerous challenges for automated guided vehicles. Pepperl+Fuchs offers a broad portfolio of compact and robust sensors that are ideal for use in automated guided vehicles—from docking to load positioning and detection to load identification ... Learn more

Navigation and Guidance
Precise Navigation and Guidance

To achieve the highest possible throughput in material handling, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) must be reliably navigated in every situation. Whether free navigation, floor-based navigation, or motion tracking—state-of-the-art technologies from Pepperl+Fuchs enable precise navigation and guidance ... Learn more

Environment Perception
Reliable Environment Perception

Whether in logistics centers, on factory premises, or in office buildings—AGVs must accurately detect their surroundings at all times to rule out collisions with people and objects. Pepperl+Fuchs offers sensors and systems for reliable environment perception, ensuring smooth operations ... Learn more

Automated Guided Vehicles

Sensors for AGV

Product Highlights

Speed Reduction
Automatic Speed Limitation

In factories and warehouses, the speed of an industrial truck must be restricted more than in outdoor areas. This is ensured by a vertically aligned radar sensor mounted on the roof of the vehicle. As soon as an indoor area is reached, the sensor detects the hall ceiling, so that the speed can be reduced automatically ... Learn more

Fork Positioning
Precise Lift Height Measurement for Forklift Trucks

In order to pick up and place pallets safely, the exact position of the fork needs to be determined. The ECA10TL cable-pull rotary encoder detects the height position with maximum precision. The rotary encoder is mounted on the industrial truck, while the cable eye is attached to the moving fork ... Learn more

Driver Detection
Reliable Driver Detection

For safety reasons, it must be reliably detected whether the driver of an industrial truck is in the correct position on the driver's seat. Ultrasonic sensors ensure interference-free driver detection, regardless of ambient conditions and optical properties ... Learn more

Industrial Trucks

Industrial Truck

Mast Position
Dynamic Detection of the Mast Position

The IMU F99 inertial measurement unit is the ideal solution for detecting the inclination of the mast and leveling the industrial truck accordingly. The combination of acceleration sensor, gyroscope, and intelligent sensor fusion algorithm provides reliable measurement results even when the truck is in motion ... Learn more

More Solutions

Fork Positioning
Noncontact Determination of the Lift Height

Radar sensors offer a simple and wear-free solution for determining the lift height of forks: mounted on the fork carriage, they measure the distance to the ground so that no additional target is required. Due to the CANopen interface, the sensors are ideal for integration into industrial trucks ... Learn more

High-Bay Warehouses

Material Handling High Rack Warehouse

Product Highlights

R2000 Detection
Precise Broken Pallet Detection

Defective pallets can lead to collisions during automatic compartment assignment in high-bay warehouses, causing major property damage. Due to its stable scanning axis in combination with a high angular resolution, the R2000 Detection reliably detects even small fragments of broken pallets … Learn more

VOC Event Camera
Reliable Monitoring of Storage and Retrieval Processes

Mounted on the stacker crane, the industrial event camera from Pepperl+Fuchs monitors the storage and retrieval processes in high-bay warehouses. The event-oriented storage allows direct access to recordings of relevant situations so that employees can take immediate action in the event of malfunctions … Learn more

R1000 distance sensor
Precise Positioning of Stacker Cranes

Stacker cranes require vertical and horizontal positioning with accuracy down to a millimeter. The R1000 distance sensor is ideally suited for this demanding task: Equipped with Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT), it enables high-precision distance measurement for optimal positioning ... Learn more

More Solutions

LS682 optical data coupler ensures communication with rack feeders or shuttle cars.
Permanent Communication with Rack Feeders or Shuttle Cars

Optical data couplers ensure a bidirectional Ethernet-based communication with rack feeders or shuttle cars. With a constant transfer rate, the LS682 optical data coupler enables a stable connection over a distance of up to 300 m … Learn more

R10x Series of Photoelectric Sensors
Compartment Detection in High Rack Warehouses

The R10x series of photoelectric sensors combines different photoelectric functions in one compact housing. These sensors can be easily adapted to the demands of a specific application. The diffuse mode sensors with background suppression are ideal for compartment detection … Learn more

PXV Positioning System
Reliable Positioning of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Due to multiple code redundancy, the PXV positioning system is a particularly reliable solution for positioning automated storage and retrieval machines. If safe positioning is required, safety variants in accordance with SIL 3/PL e are also available ... Learn more

Automatic Shuttle
Precise Distance Measurement in the Smallest of Spaces

Space for the integration of sensors is often limited in shuttle storage systems. With its compact design, the R200 distance sensor with Pulse Ranging Technology even fits into small automatic shuttles. In the version with reflector, the sensor measures the end position of a row of shelves over distances of up to 60 m ... Learn more

Safe Positioning
Safe Positioning of Storage and Retrieval Shuttles

To protect man and machine, strict safety requirements have to be observed when positioning storage and retrieval shuttles. The safePXV positioning system enables safe linear absolute positioning in accordance with SIL 3/PL e, using only a single sensor ... Learn more

Rack Fine Positioning
Simple and Efficient Precision Positioning

The PHA vision sensor is ideal for the precise positioning of stacker cranes in high-bay warehouses. The sensor only requires a drill hole in the steel profile of the storage frame as a reference point, so no additional aids such as reflectors are necessary ... Learn more

Gantry Crane
Crane Positioning in Harsh Environments

In container ports, different crane types ensure efficient loading of containers. The position encoding system (WCS) records the position of cranes and trolleys with millimeter precision. With an outdoor protective housing and a stainless-steel code rail, the WCS can be used in harsh environmental conditions. For safety applications up to SIL 3/PL e, the system can be combined with the safe evaluation unit (PUS) ... Learn more

Rotary Encoder in Crane
Robust Monitoring of the Crane Drive

The robust incremental rotary encoders of the ENI90 series guarantee high-precision speed control due to integrated BlueBeam technology. Heavy-duty and offshore versions withstand the most adverse environmental conditions, which makes them ideal for monitoring crane drives in outdoor areas ... Learn more

Harbor Crane
Monitoring Linear Movements of the Boom

With mobile cranes, the extension and retraction movements of the boom must be recorded in real time. This task is performed by the ECN40HD cable-pull rotary encoder, which can even be used in offshore applications due to its heavy-duty design. The open cable pull system enables easy cleaning and facilitates handling ... Learn more


Harbor Crane

Identification Systems

Identification Systems in Material Handling

RFID for use in material handling.
Increasing Efficiency with RFID

Due to their resistance to dirt and dust and the different frequency ranges (LF, HF, UHF), RFID systems are used in diverse fields of applications. By improving transparency, they reduce administrative errors and make processes more efficient ... Learn more

F800 UHF RFID gate reader solution
Gate reader solution for seamless transparency

The RFID gate reader solution from Pepperl+Fuchs creates seamless transparency when detecting large quantities of RFID tags. The cost-effective system is based on powerful, standardized UHF RFID technology and is specially optimized for use in logistics applications, such as tracking incoming and outgoing goods … Learn more

Optical identification systems for use in material handling.
Optical Identification Systems for Demanding Environmental Conditions

Optical identification systems are easily adapted to different applications and reliably detect objects even under complex conditions—like in high-speed or high-temperature applications … Learn more


Connectivity Portfolio
Cables, Connectors, and Splitters for Industrial Automation
Cables, Connectors, and Splitters for Industrial Automation

The connectivity portfolio ranges from sensor-actuator cables to field connectors, junction blocks, sensor-actuator splitters, panel receptacles, and data connectors. By providing you with sensors and the corresponding connection components from a single source, we boost your productivity and increase the availability of your machines and plants ... Learn more

bulk raw cable
Bulk Raw Cable for Your Individual Application

Pepperl+Fuchs offers bulk raw cable of industrial quality from German and European cable production, which is ideally suited for use with field-assembled connectors. The different raw cable variants are available in practical 100-meter rings as well as in small ... Learn more

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