Sensor Solutions for the Packaging Industry

From reliable detection to safe identification to exact positioning and measuring—here you can find the ideal solutions for your application!



Comprehensive Portfolio

From reliable detection to safe identification to exact positioning and measuring: Our automation technology enables smooth processes in a wide range of packaging industry applications.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Be it in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, or the consumer goods industry—the requirements on the packaging industry are as diverse as the products themselves. Pepperl+Fuchs is constantly developing new solutions that are tailored to our customers’ needs.

An Experienced Market Leader

With more than 70 years of experience in industrial automation, Pepperl+Fuchs has successfully solved a diverse range of applications und is continuosly developing new technologies to make your processes more reliable and efficient.


Your success is important to us: Create safe and efficient processes and upgrade your plant to Industry 4.0 with intelligent sensor technology from Pepperl+Fuchs!


Detection of Objects
Measurement of the Smallest Objects with R10x series photoelectric sensors
Accurate Detection and Distance Measurement of the Smallest Objects 

On automated conveyor systems, every object needs to be positioned correctly, and every defective object has to be sorted out. Based on powerful DuraBeam laser technology, R10x series photoelectric sensors detect even the smallest objects and their features … more

filling machine
Interference-Free Bottle Detection in Filling Machines

In filling machines, sensors must reliably detect the presence of bottles in the end positions at high speeds and vibration. Thanks to the synchronization function, up to ten ultrasonic sensors of the UC18GS series can be operated simultaneously in a particularly narrow space, ensuring interference-free detection ... more

F77 series ultrasonic sensors reliably detect various packaging materials
Continuous Material Flow in Packaging Machines

To ensure trouble-free operation in packaging machines, compact F77 series ultrasonic sensors reliably detect various packaging materials, constantly measure roll diameter, and ensure continuous material feed … more

R2/R3 photoelectric sensors are suited for detection in small spaces
Reliable Detection in Tight Spaces

R2/R3 series miniature photoelectric sensors are ideally suited for detection in small spaces like in cigarette packaging production. Mounting right next to the moving object is enabled by integrated background suppression and an abrasion-resistant, antistatic glass front … more


Identification of packaging material

F190 UHF read/write head
Detection of up to 40 Tags in One Read Process

Featuring a read range of more than one meter, the compact und rugged F190 UHF read/write heads detect several smart labels in only one read process. Multi tag reading increases productivity and improves efficiency of the packaging process … more

OPC120 stationary reader
Reading 2-D Codes in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Stationary readers like the OPC120 can read 1-D or 2-D codes on product packaging in the pharmaceutical industry at high speeds and process them according to standardized data formats … more

Stationary VB* series barcode scanners
Fail-safe Reading in Deep-freeze Applications

For short and long reading distances or special environmental conditions such as deep-freeze applications—stationary VB* series barcode scanners are suited for various applications … more

Positioning and Measurement

Positioning and Measurement in the packaging industry
PMI F90 positioning system
Dancer Control Ensures Continuous Material Feed

The PMI F90 positioning system monitors the guide roller during unwinding and winding of foils and fabrics in packaging machines. To prevent material cracks, the system automatically adapts the speed … more

ENA58IL magnetic rotary encoders
Automatic Bottle Positioning in Filling Machines

Up to 90.000 bottles per hour can be filled in modern filling machines. With an accuracy of <0,1°, ENA58IL magnetic rotary encoders deliver exact position data for precise bottle positioning … more


SmartRunner Matcher Extended
Exact Food Tray Positioning

As the specialist for profile comparison, the SmartRunner Matcher Extended can store up to 32 reference profiles and detect irregularities during detection. The light section sensor detects the position of a divided trays and checks whether they are correctly positioned for filling … more

R10x series distance sensors
Precise Detection and Distance Measurement of the Smallest Objects

In numerous applications, safe detection and measurement of small objects or object features is decisive for the quality of automated processes. Small R10x series distance sensors can determine the container’s stack height while, at the same time, ordering the next container … more

Safety Sensors

Safety Sensors for complete safety
Multiple-Beam Light Barriers create a two-dimensional detection zone that protects users
Reliable Contact Protection for Complete Safety

Multiple-Beam Light Barriers create a two-dimensional detection zone that protects users' fingers, hands, or bodies, depending on the application. Highest safety standards up to PL e, Cat. 4 and SIL 3 are ensured at all times … more

SafeBox Safety Control Unit
Complete Protection of Personnel in Packaging Plants

Packaging machines often run at high speeds and 24-hour operation. This makes it even more important to ensure protection of personnel and equipment and to prevent machine downtime. SafeBox safety control units prevent unauthorized access and are suitable for protective equipment such as safety switches and emergency stop buttons … more

safety light barriers
Safe and Reliable Processes in Palletizers

Due to the high risk of injury, automated palletizers are surrounded by safety fences. Safety light barriers ensure protection of personnel at all times, and interrupt the palletizing process when the fenced-off zone is accessed … more

safePXV for safety at facilities
Safe Absolute Positioning According to SIL 3/PL e

The safePXV positioning system offers unparalleled reliability for linear absolute positioning. Due to its easy handling, it is suitable for a variety of different applications … more

IO-Link Devices

IO-Link enables bidirectional communication between sensors and actuators

Ethernet IO Modules with integrated IO-Link Master support up to eight IO-Link compatible devices
Transparent Data Exchange down to the Field Level

Ethernet IO Modules with integrated IO-Link Master support up to eight IO-Link compatible devices.This enables continuous diagnostics and parameterization down to the sensor/actuator level while achieving maximum process transparency … more

IO-Link helps make the most of sensors’ and actuators’ intelligence
IO-Link Improves Plant Efficiency

IO-Link helps make the most of sensors’ and actuators’ intelligence and allows transparent communication down to the last meter of the process. IO-Link devices form the foundation for integrated networking of components, machines, and plants … more


Cables, Connectors, and Splitters for Industrial Automation
Cables, Connectors, and Splitters for Industrial Automation

The connectivity portfolio ranges from sensor cables to field connectors, junction blocks, sensor-actuator splitters, sensor-actuator receptacles, and data connectors. By providing you with sensors and the corresponding connection components from a single source, we boost your productivity and increase the availability of your machines and plants ... Learn more

food packaging
Plug Connectors for Demanding Applications

The automated production and packaging of food places high demands on machines and systems that must also withstand aggressive cleaning agents and procedures. Here, plug connections with a stainless steel screw connection and a smooth surface are used ... Learn more

bulk raw cable
Bulk Raw Cable for Your Individual Application

Pepperl+Fuchs offers bulk raw cable of industrial quality from German and European cable production, which is ideally suited for use with field-assembled connectors. The different raw cable variants are available in practical 100-meter rings as well as in small ... Learn more

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