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Read head protectionfa

Fixing cord for easy and secure installation of the code rail in the profile rail, Simple and fast mountingfa

Tensioning device for stainless steel code railfa

Terminal Block, Converts an 8-pin RJ45 connector to terminal screws, For use with WCS3B-LS510 EtherNet/IP read heads, Terminal block to read head connection via V19SY-G... cordsets, 35 mm DIN mounting rail acc. to EN 60715:2001fa

Guide bar with metal guide rollers, aluminum profile system WCS2, Ensures the optimum alignment of reading head and code rail, Metal rollersfa

Outdoor protective cover for WCS3B reader, Accessory WCS3Bfa

Outdoor protective housing for reader WCS3B, Accessory WCS3B, Selectable connector position: left, middle, right, SSI interface, RS-485 interface, CANopen interfacefa

Transparent protective case and seal for WCS3B readerfa

Parameterization adapter for parameterization and analysis of the PUS evaluation unitfa

License dongle for safeControl Expertfa
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