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ICE1 Modules with S2 Redundancy: IO-Link Master for High-Reliability Systems


ICE1 Module with S2 Redundancy
ICE1 module with S2 redundancy

When a machine in a chemical or pharmaceutical plant fails or is in need of repair, the resulting downtimes can last several weeks: Batches must be disposed of and the plant itself must be completely cleaned until operations can resume. Especially in such critical applications, system redundancy is essential for preventing unplanned downtimes and the associated costs. For this reason, the communication mechanism of the new IO-Link masters supports the S2 redundancy functionality which allows an additional programmable logic controller (PLC) to take over process control automatically in the event of a control-related failure of the primary PLC.

Secondary Control Takes Effect in Case of Error

In critical applications, both the sensor system and the power supply are often designed redundantly to guarantee an uninterrupted process at all times. The S2 redundancy was developed for the control system—a component that often comes without a redundant design. This function allows two programmable logic controllers to be connected to a PROFINET device that supports S2 redundancy. The primary controller is used for cyclic communication, while the secondary controller runs in the background and takes over communication in the event of an error. All parameters are stored accordingly so that changeovers can take place within milliseconds and without interrupting the processes running. This is based on a redundant synchronization mechanism between the two controllers.

Rugged Modules for Various Fields of Application

The new ICE1 series IO-Link masters with S2 redundancy can be easily integrated into different systems. In addition to increased reliability, users benefit from comprehensive IO-Link diagnostics down to the lowest field level. Processes and diagnoses can be transparently mapped so that maintenance can be planned in advance. Compared to conventional I/O modules, which are much more susceptible to chemicals, the ICE1 masters come with a particularly durable, diecast zinc housing. The extended temperature range also opens up a wide range of applications for the rugged modules in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

The L-coded M12 connector significantly increases the modules' current-carrying capacity, enabling a performance increase of more than 70 %. Because of this, more powerful power supplies can be used so several modules can be connected simultaneously. This helps save time and money during installation.

Highlights of the IO-Link Masters with S2 Redundancy

  • Support of S2 redundancy increases system availability
  • Predictive maintenance via IO-Link diagnostics
  • L-coded power connectors for up to 2 x 16 A
  • Especially resistant, Zinc diecast housing for a wide range of applications in the chemical/pharmaceutical sector


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