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Pepperl+Fuchs‘ safety edges make it possible to efficiently secure crushing and shearing edges on powered machine parts such as covers, doors, or flaps. A safety system consists of an external safety control unit, a thru-beam sensor, and a rubber profile, which is guided into an aluminum profile rail.

The robust rubber profile has a light pipe in which a thru-beam sensor generates a light path. If the profile is deformed by external pressure, the cross section of the light pipe is reduced and the switching device then responds and causes a stop. As a complete system, protection devices can be implemented up to performance level e, Cat. 4 according to EN ISO 13849, and the highest safety standards can be met.

Using photoelectric technology allows aluminum and rubber profiles to be shortened to almost any length and conveniently adapted to different situations. Safety edges significantly increase the level of flexibility for integration into machines and systems.

Safety Edges at a Glance

  • Reliable protection of moving edges such as on a milling machine
  • Highest safety standards up to performance level e, Cat. 4 according to EN ISO 13849
  • Maximum flexibility during machine integration


  • Applications with increased risk of injury
  • Access and danger area protection for pallet systems, robots, wood processing machines, packaging machines, overhead warehouse shelves, and machine lines. 

Centre de sécurité fonctionnelle de Pepperl+Fuchs

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