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Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Future


To encourage positive climate action across the world, industry groups and corporations around the world are leveraging their expertise to offset climate change. Pepperl+Fuchs is pleased to announce that SSI SCHAEFER—a Pepperl+Fuchs partner and provider of products and systems for material handling—has been recognized for its sustainability efforts. SSI SCHAEFER’s commitment to energy efficiency, ecologically sound construction methods, and predictive maintenance through digitalization ensures the sustainability of customer solutions.

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Harnessing the Power of Sensor Technology

Pepperl+Fuchs US Distribution Center in Katy, TX

Pepperl+Fuchs' partnership with SSI SCHAEFER began when the company started planning its US Distribution Center in Katy, TX. Pepperl+Fuchs wanted to create an advanced material handling system that harnessed the power of its own sensors, but needed the help of a system integrator whose warehouse management technologies could support them

By combining around 1,000 Pepperl+Fuchs sensors with WAMAS® and WAMAS® Lighthouse software from SSI SCHAEFER, the team was able to build a reliable, modern, and sustainable ASRS solution that reduced Pepperl+Fuchs' carbon footprint and created a new level of supply chain visibility for its North American operations. 

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