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VisuNet RM Shell is an innovative thin client firmware pre-installed on every Pepperl+Fuchs VisuNet Remote Monitor (RM) and box thin client. It is engineered by Pepperl+Fuchs to simplify thin client setup and operation of virtualized and conventional workstation-based process control systems. RM Shell replaces the Windows® desktop and reduces the user interface to critical system functions.

Predefined user roles (administrator, engineer, and operator) provide tailored information access to different authorization levels. An app concept allows integration of third-party remote protocols and applications—this enables OEMs to integrate their own apps and adapt VisuNet RMs to their own automation infrastructure.

Usability meets security: Features such as a universal write filter (UWF), USB lockdown, and a built-in Ethernet firewall make VisuNet RMs one of the securest HMI solutions on the market.

VisuNet Control Center takes the usability of VisuNet RMs to the next level by enabling efficient, centralized remote configuration of multiple RMs. This engineering software prevents IT personnel from having to enter hazardous locations for setup and maintenance of systems in the field—everything can be done from the control room. 


Gestión del sistema operativo de thin clients y monitores remotos

¿Desea restablecer el dispositivo? ¿Desea actualizar la instalación? ¿Desea crear una imagen de copia de seguridad o clonar e implementar imágenes? Esta página le muestra cómo gestionar de forma eficiente las instalaciones del sistema operativo.

VisuNet Control Center

Learn more about the innovative managing software for VisuNet remote monitors and box thin clients!

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