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HMI Configurator for VisuNet FLX

The HMI configurator below will guide you the right individual Human Machine Interface from our VisuNet FLX platform, create your model number and allow you to easily receive a price quote. If you have any additional requirements that are not covered by our HMI configurator, then please click on "Request a Quote" and fill in the "Comments" section in the form. Our experts will happily assist you with creating your individual HMI solution.

Please note that due to site maintenance, not all functionalities of the Pepperl+Fuchs website will be available. Thank you for your understanding.

HMI Configurator Options—Learn More

Not quite sure which options of our HMI configuration tool fit your application requirements best? Please see the table below to get more details on the available technologies and HMI system topologies.

Thin Client Technology

PC Technology

Direct Monitor Technology

Remote Monitor with dedicated thin client for virtualization Industrial grade PC with open, fully configurable and accessible operating system Direct connection of the monitor to a host PC
  • Network-based monitor
  • Uses standard Ethernet technology
  • Almost no range limitation
  • Connection to the Host via Ethernet
  • Can be connected via remote desktop protocols like RDP, VNC etc.
  • Runs Pepperl+Fuchs RM Shell as firmware / OS
  • Additional firmware VisuNet CC allows users to efficiently manage all HMI systems
  • Industrial grade PC system
  • Uses standard Ethernet technology
  • Comes with Windows operating system preinstalled
  • Includes appropriate Windows license
  • Customers can install any 3rd party software e.g. PLC software package
  • Direct connection of  VisuNet direct monitors to close host PCs
  • Fully configurable to specific application requirements
  • Transmission of a video signal / optional: touch screen via a separate interface
Remote Monitor—System with Enclosure PC—System with Enclosure Direct Monitor—System with Enclosure

Remote Monitor—Panel Mount PC—Panel Mount Direct Monitor—Panel Mount

Box PC3200—Thin Client Version Box PC3200—PC Version