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Product Overviews for Explosion Protection

General Overviews

Product and Technology Guide for the Process Automation Last ned nå

This brochure gives a summarized review of our process automation products, technologies and services. (March 2024, 7.0 MB)

Explosion Protection Product Overview Last ned nå

This product line card gives you a quick and clear overview of our explosion protection product portfolio. (June 2022, 877 KB)

Product- and Technology-Specific Flyers and Overviews

Ethernet-APL Rail Field Switch—the Latest FieldConnex® Innovation Last ned nå

Shaping the Future. The world’s first switch that brings Ethernet into the field of process plants.

EC_XM_20240410_01_literature_cover_MCC-Overview_1067x754px Last ned nå

One Step Ahead. Be first in your market—with trendsetting mobile products and solutions.

Remote I/O Solutions for Use in Zone 1 and Zone 2/Div. 2 Last ned nå

Connecting Worlds. Go digital with all signals for control and optimization processes.

EC_JS_20240314_01_Tab-Ex-04-Pro-Tablet-Series-brochure-cover Download Now

This brochure introduces the Tab-Ex 04 Pro tablet series as the world’s first and only 10-inch, 5G Android tablet for use in Zone 2/22 and Div. 2. The rugged, highly secure tablet is based on Samsung’s state-of-the-art Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro and comes in a slim and lightweight design. (March 2024, 1.1 MB)

EC_CM_20231128_brochure_smart-ex_03_smart_digitalization Last ned nå

This brochure will give you an overview of the Smart-Ex® 03. The high performance 5G smartphone for hazardous areas is certified and supported anywhere in the world.

EC_NP_Ex_p_Purge_Pressurization_Systems_Brochure_140px Last ned nå

In this brochure you will get an insight into Pepperl+Fuchs' capabilities as a global provider of certified purge and pressurization solutions.

EC_CM_20230329_Brochure_Cover_PA_LRP_Series_Control_Units Last ned nå

Everything Under Control. Up to five control functions in one compact unit. 

EC_NP_Electrical_Explosion_Protection_Equipment_QSG_140px Last ned nå

The Quick Select Product Guide for Electrical Explosion Protection Equipment is designed for experienced users, technicians, and engineers. It presents a comprehensive overview of Pepperl+Fuchs’ product and solutions offerings based on Ex d, Ex e, and Ex p protection. It will help with selecting the appropriate devices and systems for application planning. (May 2023, 10.01 MB)

EC_CM_20230607_Brochure_Cover_Ethernet-APL.jpg Last ned nå

Shaping the Future. The world’s first switch that brings Ethernet into the field of process plants.

VisuNet FLX – die modulare HMI Plattform zum Einsatz bis in Zone 2/22, Div. 2 Last ned nå

Perfect Match. The one-in-a-million HMI system that perfectly fits your application.

pa_epe_ps1000_brochure Last ned nå

Industrial power supplies are universally applicable. They serve as an ideal solution for supplying devices inside control cabinets. The PS1000 series provides an interruption-free power supply of up to 40 A. (October 2022, 404 KB)

EC_NP_SR_Series_Flyer_140px Last ned nå

In this brochure, discover the modular range of stainless steel  Ex e enclosures that perfectly solves every application—at every level. (May 2022, 404 KB)

Tab-Ex® 03 Tablet Series brochure cover Last ned nå

This brochure introduces the 8" Android tablet Tab-Ex® 03 series for use in Zone 1/21, Div. 1 and Zone 2/22, Div. 2. The Samsung DeX feature transforms the compact tablet into a full-fledged desktop computer, and additional accessories, peripherals, digital products and services provide maximum flexibility. (August 2022, 976 KB).

Konstante Stromversorgung – Verfügbarkeit dank PS3500-Stromversorgungsmodul Last ned nå

This brochure introduces the reliable, unrelenting current of the PS3500 power supplies; their functionality, benefits, and system specifications. (May 2021, 0.5 MB)

Ex-Handy 10 feature phone series Last ned nå

This brochure introduces the Zone 1/Div. 1 certified 4G/LTE feature phone. Read more about the Ex-Handy 10 that is ideal for a wide range of applications—from pure communication to lone worker protection and innovative Industry 4.0 applications. (June 2019, 666 KB)

Produktübersicht Interfacetechnik Last ned nå

This brochure introduces the interface technology by Pepperl+Fuchs. With more than 60 years of experience and as the inventor of the intrinsic safety barrier, Pepperl+Fuchs is a world leader in hazardous area interfaces. Learn more about the extensive range of modules and systems that are tailored to the markets requirements. (August 2018, 6,16 MB)

Klemmen- und Steuerkästen in GR-Serie in GFK-Gehäusen Last ned nå

This brochure introduces the GR Series GRP Enclosures that are available for terminal boxes and control stations. Learn more about the especially rugged enclosure series that simplifies mounting and maintenance. (July 2018, 549 KB)

VisuNet RM Shell für Thin-Client-Bedienstationen Last ned nå

This brochure introduces the latest generation firmware VisuNet RM Shell for VisuNet remote monitors. Learn how the software facilitates configuration and maintenance of remote monitors. (May 2023, 1,19 MB)

brochure safety relays Download Now

This brochure gives you an overview of the safety relays of the tried-and-tested K-System that come with 1oo3 architecture, diagnosis, and line fault transparency. Learn how to achieve a new level of reliability and performance in your plant. (April 2018, 384 KB)

VisuNet GXP Remote Monitor Brochure Last ned nå

This brochure introduces the VisuNet GXP, which is available as remote monitor or PC. It brings innovative features to the hazardous area with a compact, modular design that allows for easy setup and maintenance. (November 2017, 800 KB)

FieldConnex Fieldbus Brochure Last ned nå

This brochure gives you an overview of FieldConnex®—our comprehensive portfolio of components for fieldbus infrastructures. (September 2016, 3 MB)

Purging System Series 6500 Last ned nå

This brochure introduces the purge and pressurization system Series 6500. Specifically designed for Zone 1/21 locations, this innovative automatic system delivers all the features you need for reliable hazardous location protection within a small, streamlined solution. (July 2016, 1.2 MB)

Fill level control products summarized in a brochure Last ned nå

This brochure gives you a quick and comprehensive overview about our level measurement product range. Read about the requirements that level measurement technology must meet, and about different measuring methods and principles. (August 2023, 3.7 MB)

isolated barrier, universal barrier, flyer, THE BARRIER, the barrier, interface technology, product information Last ned nå

This brochure introduces THE BARRIER. A world first, offering complete flexibility and setting new standards by offering a universal isolated barrier which automatically adapts to virtually any field input signal type and DCS/ESD system I/O.