Sensor Solutions for the Automotive Industry

From reliable positioning and identification to guaranteeing smooth processes in safety-critical applications—discover our comprehensive portfolio for the automotive industry.


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Comprehensive Portfolio

Pepperl+Fuchs offers a comprehensive, user-friendly portfolio of solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into every stage of automotive manufacturing.
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Tailor-Made Solutions

Pepperl+Fuchs ensures reliable positioning and makes processes smoother in safety-critical applications. New products that meet the demands of the automotive industry are continuously being developed.
Expertkunskaper inom materialhantering sedan lång tid tillbaka.


Med mer än 70 års erfarenhet inom industriautomation har Pepperl+Fuchs framgångsrikt utvecklat lösningar inom många olika tillämpningsområden och utvecklar kontinuerligt nya tekniker som är anpassade för att göra dina processer mer effektiva.
Sensorik 4.0-ikon


Er framgång är viktig för oss: Skapa säkra och effektiva processer och utveckla er fabrik till Industri 4.0-nivå med intelligent sensorteknik från Pepperl+Fuchs!

Sophisticated Sensor Solutions for a Variety of Automation Tasks

Reliable Positioning
Whether positioning skids and lifts over long distances or controlling steering for automated guided vehicles, our comprehensive portfolio offers the ideal sensor solution for every positioning task.
Smooth Processes in Conveyor Technology
Our sensor solutions can tackle numerous conveyor technology tasks in the automotive industry, including skid entry control in work areas and collision protection for monorail conveyors on both curves and straightaways.
Reliable Identification in Harsh Conditions
Sensor technology from Pepperl+Fuchs is used for identification in body shops, during final assembly, and in extreme conditions like those in high-temperature zones in paint shops.
Precise Component Monitoring in Car Body Construction
High precision is required for the automated feeding of individual components, such as removing car doors from racks for further processing. Different technologies enable reliable and precise component monitoring.
Innovative Safety Solutions
Sensor technologies from Pepperl+Fuchs ensure both personal and machine safety in automated areas, whether guaranteeing smooth processes on monorail conveyors or for automated guided vehicles.
Complete IO-Link Solution from a Single Source
The future-proof, cross-vendor interface enables comprehensive diagnostics and is easy to configure during operation via the control system. Pepperl+Fuchs offers you an end-to-end IO-Link solution that includes a range of IO-Link sensors and the appropriate infrastructure.

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