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Remote I/O in Fluidized Bed Systems – Easy Integration of LB System and Valve Banks in a Single Housing


Smooth processes in fluidized bed systems due to remote I/O systems.
Smooth processes in fluidized bed systems due to remote I/O systems.

When upgrading your system, or even planning a new plant, individual factors such as space and the connection to the process control system are decisive factors that affect your choice of technology.

In this example, an existing fluidized bed system is modernized. These systems are primarily used in hazardous areas in the pharmaceutical industry and food industry.

So far, temperature sensors and other 4 to 20 mA transmitters are connected to interface technology which is placed in the cabinet. Additionally, there is a valve bank installed in a separate single housing using PROFIBUS.



Due to changes in requirements and Codes of Practice, valve banks in this fluidized bed system must now be installed in an increased safety cabinet, complying with the IP54 degree of protection. At the same time, the PROFIBUS connection integrated in the valve bank should remain in use.


The LB system from Pepperl+Fuchs is ideal for all specified requirements, and replaces the interface technology. Remote I/O systems are connected to the process control system using PROFIBUS as well. The interface is a PROFIBUS gateway.To install all components into a single housing, Pepperl+Fuchs has developed an individual increased safety housing in which both the valve bank and the remote I/O system can be installed. The I/O modules in the LB system are signal modifying components. They prepare field signals from the hazardous area for process control systems or for controllers in the non-hazardous area. Installation is simple: modules, together with bus couplers and power supplies, are simply plugged onto the backplane.

Pepperl+Fuchs' LB system enables quick and easy integration into the existing plant infrastructure.


The LB system from Pepperl+Fuchs needs far less wiring compared to conventional individual wiring, fewer man days, and significantly reduces costs. It is the most compact system for process automation in terms of depth as well as its other dimensions. This means that it can be installed in very small housings. Hazardous and non-hazardous modules can be mounted directly next to each other, making the best use of space in the control cabinet. The wide range of analog and binary I/O modules allows all existing field devices to be connected. Since the LB system has a PROFIBUS connection, it can be quickly and easily integrated into the existing plant infrastructure. Just a single PROFIBUS cable is needed to forward signals from the remote I/O system to the process control system. The quick and easy connection via PROFIBUS reduces additional costs.

At a glance

  • Complete solution: all components installed in one certified ex e enclosure
  • Savings of multiple man days when installing remote I/O system in comparison to individual wiring
  • Compact dimensions; especially low depth
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous modules can be mounted directly next to each other
  • Universal modules: connection of all existing field devices


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De nieuwe Zone 2-, Class I/Div. 2-gecertificeerde Remote I/O PROFINET-gateway van Pepperl+Fuchs maakt de weg vrij voor Industrie 4.0-toepassingen in procesindustrieën.