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shieldscan door protection sensor Press Kit BAU 2021 (Division Factory Automation)

In this press kit: Articles on the ShieldScan® door protection sensor based on static time-of-flight sensor technology (ToF) that is used for automatic doors; the Smart Entrance Manager, a modular system solution developed by Sensotek GmbH that has been specially tailored to the needs of retailers, beverage stores and many more to ensure high-precision real-time people counting.

(January 2021)

Keyvisual_Online_Summit_November_2020 Press Kit Online Summit November 2020 (Division Factory Automation and Process Automation)

In this press kit: Articles on the topics of our second Online Summit 2020, including industrial communication with a focus on the combination of Information and Operation Technology (IT and OT) in the age of IIoT; digitalization in service and maintenance with a focus on applications for process automation; and latest developments in the field of ultrasonic technology.

(November 2020)

Digital Kanban Press Texts June 2020 (Division Factory Automation and Process Automation)

In this press portfolio: Articles on a Industry 4.0 Project with Bosch: In a joint venture, Pepperl+Fuchs, Neoception, and Bosch Connected Industries (BCI) have digitalized and automated the supply and picking processes of Kanban racks from end to end; news about Kanban 4.0 and greater transparency and efficiency through complete digitalization in Kanban-based value chains …

(June 2020)

Hannover Messe Logo Press Kit HANNOVER MESSE 2020 (Division Factory Automation and Process Automation)

In this press kit: Articles on our VariKont “with Active Shielding Technology” which enables higher sensing ranges, regardless of the type of installation and the mounting material; news about Industry 4.0; and ecom, a Pepperl+Fuchs brand, presents its expanded product portfolio. Special focus this year is on the new product line “Digital Products & Services”.

(April 2020).

LogiMat 2020 Press Kit LogiMAT 2020 (Division Factory Automation)

In this press kit: Articles on our IO-Link master with OPC UA interface which enables complete and seamless communication "from the sensor to the cloud"; an update on our new multi-layer scanner for 3-D object detection R2300; as well as insights on a Industry 4.0 project, where Pepperl+Fuchs digitized a warehouse management and rack supply systems for Bosch Connected Industries (BCI).

(March 2020)

EC_JS_20191213_01_IO-Link_Master_OPCUA_Interface IO-Link Master with OPC UA Interface

By combining IO-Link and OPC UA in a single device, data communication is possible from the lowest field level to the cloud, ready to be analyzed in detail to facilitate Industry 4.0 solutions.

(February 2020)

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