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Applications and Industries

Capacitive sensors, sometimes in special versions, are used in various applications and industries. Below you can find an overview of possible application areas and industries.

Process Industry

Capacitive sensors are used in the agricultural or wood-processing industries, e.g., for level querying of liquids and solids.

More information:
Sensor technology for automated process plants

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines require a variety of control and monitoring information. Capacitive sensors are used in various applications, e.g., for level detection for transmission lubrication and coolant in wind turbines.

More information:
Sensors for renewable energies

Warehousing and Material Handling

In the storage and material handling sector, capacitive sensors are used for non-mechanical manual detection in mechanical control units (position detection).

More information:
Sensors for warehousing and material handling

Printing Industry

Capacitive sensors are used in the printing industry, e.g., in toner level monitoring.

More information:
Sensors for the print and paper industry


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