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SmartRunner Matcher—One Sensor, Many Applications


SmartRunner Matcher
The SmartRunner Matcher reliably detects objects regardless of surface, color, or contrast.

In automotive engineering, reliable, accurate, and fast detection of components is essential for smooth manufacturing processes. Car bodies have to be moved safely from one production location to the next on skids, and the position of rivets, vibration dampers, and other important components must be verified.

Laser light section sensors like the SmartRunner Matcher from Pepperl+Fuchs are well-suited for these tasks because they detect height profiles using a very precise laser beam and generate exact results regardless of surface, color, and contrast. In addition, the sensor can be easily integrated into any control system via digital switching signals and gateways for all common fieldbuses.

Perfect Solution for Profile Comparison

The SmartRunner Matcher is pre-programmed to detect height profiles right out of the box, no matter whether the sensor is connected to a static (e.g., conveyor section) or dynamic (e.g., robotic arms) object. After mounting, the shape and contour of a target object can be taught into the sensor using the teach-in mode. Data Matrix codes can also be used to easily teach a sensor with no repositioning or reconfiguration necessary. If an object is located at a greater distance from the sensor or smaller structures are viewed, a megapixel version can also be used.

When the component to be tested reaches the taught-in destination, the sensor outputs a "good" signal to its switching output, and the next step in the process starts. If the object is in the wrong position, the sensor sends a "bad" signal to the control system. Unlike a vision sensor, the SmartRunner Matcher's laser light-section process does not rely on contrast, and objects that are the same color as the background are reliably detected without external lighting. In addition, the deviation of the current X and Z position from the taught-in X and Z position is passed on to the controller and up to 32 profiles can be stored per sensor.

Highlights of the SmartRunner Matcher

  • Optimized solution for profile comparison
  • Simple integration into any control system via easy-to-process digital signals and gateways for all common fieldbuses
  • Reliable detection regardless of surface, color, or contrast
  • Cost-effective with no external lighting required
  • Easy configuration and commissioning via Data Matrix control codes or teach-in
  • Up to 32 profiles can be stored and selected on the sensor
  • X and Z position output

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