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Intrinsically Safe Magnet Probe

Magnet-Ex 12 is an intrinsically safe pencil sized magnet probe, designed to detect magnetic fields in Ex-hazardous areas. Within seconds it is possible to detect whether or not a solenoid valve is electrically activated. Connection to electronic circuitry or opening of terminal boxes is rendered unnecessary. The highly sensitive probe point of the Magnet-Ex 12 only needs to be brought near the coil of a solenoid valve—if the probe shows a red light this indicates that the magnet is activated. The Magnet-Ex 12 comes with an integral test magnet that is securely fitted in such a way that it cannot be easily lost. Using this magnet, tests can be carried out to establish the working state of both unit and batteries.

Approved for ATEX, Zone 1/21

Intrinsically Safe Wall Clock

The Ex-Time keeps you safe in ex-zones even when you look at the clock. The intrinsically safe wall clock Ex-Time 40 is driven by a Quartz accurate movement, powered by a LR 14 type battery.

Approved for ATEX, Zone 1/21