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Wireless ultrasonic sensor WS-UCC2500-F406-B41-01-02

  • Battery operated
  • Data transfer via LoRaWAN
  • LoRaWAN downlink channel for querying and adjusting parameter values
  • Bluetooth interface for commissioning, parameterization and diagnostics

Please note: All product-related documents, such as certificates, declarations of conformity, etc., which were issued prior to the conversion under the name Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH or Pepperl+Fuchs AG, also apply to Pepperl+Fuchs SE.

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Estratto del Datasheet: Dati tecnici del  WS-UCC2500-F406-B41-01-02

Descrizione prodotto
Wireless ultrasonic sensor with LoRaWAN interface, especially for fill level measurement in tanks and silos, sensing range 150 ... 2500 mm, resolution 1 mm
Main sensor
Detection typeultrasonic
Sensing range150 ... 2500 mm
Dead band0 ... 150 mm
Resolution1 mm
Accuracy± 3 % of full-scale value over the entire temperature range
Measurement interval10 min ... 24 h
Integrated sensor technology
GPS sensorfor geo-positioning
Acquisition interval30 min ... 24 h
Temperature sensor
Resolution0.5 °C
Accuracy± 2 °C
Electrical specifications
Power supplyhigh capacity lithium battery 3.6 V , 13000 mAh
battery lifetime approx. 10 years under Central European environmental conditions, 3 measurements and 3 wireless transmission per day with sufficient network coverage.
Interface 1
Interface typeBluetooth 5.0 LE
Transmitter radiated power+ 8 dBm
Frequency range2402 ... 2480 MHz
Interface 2
Interface typeLoRaWAN
SpecificationLoRaWAN interface specification V1.0.3
Device typeLoRaWAN class A device
Downlink channelyes
Transmitter frequency868 MHz
Transmitter radiated power+ 8 dBm
Frequency range863 ... 870 MHz (Europe)
Transmission interval10 min ... 24 h
Directive conformity
Electromagnetic compatibility
Directive 2014/30/EUEN 301 489-1 V2.2.3:2019
EN 301 489-3 V2.1.1:2019
EN 301 489-17 V3.2.4:2020
EN 301 489-19 V2.1.1:2019
Radio and telecommunication terminal equipment
Directive 2014/53/EUEN 300 220-2 V3.1.1:2017
EN 300 328 V2.2.2:2019
EN 303 413 V1.1.1:2017
Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS)EN 63000:2018
Mech. capacityEN 60947-5-2:2020
IEC 60947-5-2:2019
Shock resistanceEN 60947-5-2:2020
IEC 60947-5-2:2019
Vibration resistanceEN 60947-5-2:2020
IEC 60947-5-2:2019
Climatic conditionsEN 60947-5-2:2020
IEC 60947-5-2:2019
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature-25 ... 70 °C (-13 ... 158 °F)
Storage temperature-40 ... 85 °C (-40 ... 185 °F)
Mechanical specifications
Degree of protectionIP66 / IP67
HousingPC (UL94-V0)
TransducerPTFE coated
housing: PBT
Mass620 g
Height70 mm
Width81 mm
Length182 mm
Factory settings
Beam widthwide
Transmission interval24 h
Measurement interval24 h


ECLASS 13.027272803
ECLASS 12.027272803
ECLASS 11.027272803
ECLASS 10.0.127272803
ECLASS 9.027272803
ECLASS 8.027272803
ECLASS 5.127272803
ETIM 9.0EC001849
ETIM 8.0EC001849
ETIM 7.0EC001849
ETIM 6.0EC001849
ETIM 5.0EC001849
UNSPSC 12.141111960

Details: WS-UCC2500-F406-B41-01-02

Informative Literature: WS-UCC2500-F406-B41-01-02

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Product Information - IoT - Sensor for Intelligent Fill Level Management - WILSEN.sonic.levelENGPDF195 KB
Application Report - Demand-Driven Emtying of Glass-Recycling ContainersENGPDF580 KB

Product Documentation: WS-UCC2500-F406-B41-01-02

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Product informationLinguaFile tipoDimensioni
Brief Instructions - Battery Lifetime Calculator for WILSEN DevicesENGPDF148 KB
Downlink Description WS-UC*-F406-B41--*-02-*ENGPDF492 KB
Integration into a LoRa Network for WS-UCC*-F406-B15-B41-01-02ENGPDF1833 KB
Payload Description for WS-UC*-F406-B41-*-02ENGPDF184 KB
Safety data sheet batteryENGPDF62 KB
Brief Instructions
Brief Commissioning Instructions / Kurz-InbetriebnahmeanleitungALLPDF587 KB
Manual WILSEN.sonic.level WS-UC*-F406-B41*ENGPDF1737 KB

Design / Simulation: WS-UCC2500-F406-B41-01-02

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3-D model / 3-D-ModellALLSTP10365 KB

Approvals: WS-UCC2500-F406-B41-01-02

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Declaration of ConformityCertificato NumeroLinguaFile tipoDimensioni
EU-Declaration of conformity / EU-KonformitätserklärungDOC-7394ALLPDF34 KB
Sistema di sensori di sicurezza USi

Il sistema di sensori a ultrasuoni di sicurezza USi sta rivoluzionando le applicazioni di sicurezza, sia in ambienti difficili o polverosi sia all'aperto.

Pepperl+Fuchs offre vari documenti scaricabili contenenti informazioni dettagliate sui sensori ad ultrasuoni.