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L'isolatore Ethernet a sicurezza intrinseca, combina la limitazione di energia e l’isolamento galvanico

The FieldConnex® Ethernet Isolator combines intrinsically safe energy limitation and galvanic isolation into one product. Now Ethernet connections are plug and play in Ex-Zone 1. This compact device is designed especially for temporary installations and mobile apparatus.

The FieldConnex® Ethernet Isolator is most useful for machinery and equipment, that is frequently connected and disconnected during normal operation, or that is installed on a temporary basis. Intrinsically safe energy limitation and galvanic isolation are now possible at 100 Mbit/sec.

Galvanic isolation is built in for a purpose. It eliminates equipotential bonding and solid grounding between the safe area and the connection point in the hazardous area. And what about conduits? Flexible Ethernet cable can be used for installation.

Pepperl+Fuchs is an expert in fieldbus infrastructure and explosion protection. Working with OEMs, our knowledge can enable the integration of intrinsically safe Ethernet into virtually any customer’s apparatus.

Costly and inflexible installation is obsolete and a thing of the past with the Ethernet Isolator. The energy-efficient design produces very low heat dissipation, a definite advantage when cabinet space is tight and costly. And long lasting performance is ensured through the superior electric circuitry – a fundamental benefit of all Pepperl+Fuchs products and a basic requirement for any process automation plant today.