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All-weather workstations optimized for washdown areas up to Zone 1 / Div. 1

Edge workstations feature an adaptable indoor/outdoor, all-weather watershed housing that is especially suited for washdown areas. An antimicrobial and chemically resistant keyboard with various mouse options completes the workstations.

  • Non-Ex, Zone 2 / Div. 2, and Zone 1 / Div. 1 (with integrated Bebco EPS® purge and pressurization system) models available
  • Sloped housing for proper drainage during washdown
  • Field maintainable
  • Available with 19 inch (48.3 cm) and 22 inch (55.8 cm) displays
  • Easy customization—supports user-specified PCs, thin clients, and other peripherals to simplify networking between processing and IT infrastructures
  • VisuNet RM Shell and Control Center thin client software enable centralized setup and management of remote monitors

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