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Industrial Communication ICA-IIOT-KIT3K-IO

  • Experience the benefits of IO-Link
  • See how simple it is to integrate IO-Link data into your I4.0 strategy
  • Quick start guide for basic connectivity to the IO-Link master
  • Detailed instructions for MQTT and OPC UA connectivity
  • PROFINET interface

Please note: All product-related documents, such as certificates, declarations of conformity, etc., which were issued prior to the conversion under the name Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH or Pepperl+Fuchs AG, also apply to Pepperl+Fuchs SE.

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Estratto del Datasheet: Dati tecnici del  ICA-IIOT-KIT3K-IO

Descrizione prodotto
IIoT Starter Kit with IP20 PROFINET Master


ECLASS 13.027242602
ECLASS 12.027242602
ECLASS 11.027242602
ECLASS 10.0.127242602
ECLASS 9.027242602
ECLASS 8.027242602
ECLASS 5.127242602
ETIM 9.0EC001597
ETIM 8.0EC001597
ETIM 7.0EC001597
ETIM 6.0EC001597
ETIM 5.0EC001597
UNSPSC 12.132151705


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Prodotti associati : ICA-IIOT-KIT3K-IO

Kit component

Distance sensor, Medium design with versatile mounting options, Space-saving distance sensors in small standardized design, Multi Pixel Technology (MPT) - exact and precise signal evaluation, IO-Link interface for service and process datafa
Female cordset single-ended M12 straight A-coded, 3-pin, PVC cable greyfa
Ethernet bus cable RJ45 to RJ45 PROFINET-coded, 4-pin, PUR cable green, Cat5e, shielded, drag chain suitablefa
Ethernet unmanaged switch with 5 RJ45 ports and extended temperature rangefa
Reduction factor 1, magnetic field resistant, Switching function: Normally open/closed (NO/NC) programmable, Output type: PNP, Rated operating distance: 4 mm (factory setting), Installation: flush, Output polarity: DC, Output type: 3-wire, Thread mold: M12, Construction type: Cylindrical, thread, Series: Cylindrical type, Operating voltage: 10 ... 30 V DC, Switching frequency: 0 ... 2000 Hz (switch point mode)
0 ... 125 Hz (window mode, switch point mode with stability alarm), Type of voltage: DCfa
PROFINET IO IO-Link master with 8 inputs/outputs, DIN rail, push-in terminalsfa
100 V AC to 240 V AC wide-range input, Output 24 V DC, 5 A, 120 W, 1-phase, Housing width 32 mm, Efficiency up to 94.3 %, Minimal inrush current surge, DC OK relay contact, Suitable for Zone 2/Div. 2 mounting, Device type: device for DIN rail mounting, Function: Standard, Rated voltage: 24 V DC, Voltage range: 24 ... 28 V DC
factory setting: 24.1 Vpa
HF RFID read/write device with IO-Link in accordance with ISO 15693fa
Data carrierfa
Data carrierfa
Matching System Components
EtherNet/IP IO-Link master with 8 inputs/outputs, DIN rail, push-in connectorsfa
Starter kit IIoT

Collegate al cloud i sensori utilizzati in fabbrica e iniziate la trasformazione digitale con i nuovi starter kit IIoT.

Download gratuito: White paper sui protocolli di comunicazione basati su TCP (PDF)

Questo white paper gratuito in formato PDF confronta i diversi protocolli di comunicazione basati su TCP (AMQP, OPC UA, MQTT, REST API) che si sono fatti strada fino a diventare indispensabili per IIoT e Industry 4.0. Scaricalo ora gratuitamente!

Master IO-Link con interfaccia OPC UA

Le serie di master IO-Link ICE 2 e ICE 3 sono dotate di interfaccia OPC UA e di un protocollo bus di campo in tempo reale, che le rendono la soluzione ideale per le applicazioni basate su cloud. Scopri di più sugli scenari possibili nel nostro blog.