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Isolated Intrinsic Safety Barriers (H-System) for Carbagas in Switzerland [Reference]

Project details

Carbagas is a leading global specialty gas company
Carbagas is a leading global specialty gas company

Customer | Carbagas

Project | Air Separator Plant, Revamp

Location | Wiler, Switzerland

Completion | 2008

Project report

H-System isolated intrinsic safety barriers helped to modernize the Wiler air separation system at Carbagas, a leading global specialty gas company. Carbagas is part of the Air Liquid Group, and manufactures gases for the food, industrial, and chemical industries. The Wiler air separation system extracts nitrogen, oxygen, and argon from the air. The system operates continuously and is shut down only once a year for maintenance.

Prior to the installation of Pepperl+Fuchs’ H-System isolated barriers, the modules used to control analysis devices and pressure transmitters on the air separation system were not reliable and caused recurring maintenance issues.

Carbagas needed a reliable method of controlling the analysis devices and pressure transmitters on this system. Company representatives were pleasantly surprised with Pepperl+Fuchs’ H-System HiC modules. The transmitter supply devices isolate the signals and send them to the ABB S800 I/O process control system via customer-specific termination boards and system cables. The entire design was thoroughly tested prior to commissioning. It only took two days to upgrade the air separation system.

Carbagas is extremely pleased with Pepperl+Fuchs’ project management and implementation. Moreover, they continue to benefit from the advantages of greater measurement accuracy and reliability achieved by their new modernized system.