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Position Check-Back Signalling for Valve Drives


Mixing and homogenizing systems from Symex have until now utilised M12 structure cylindrical sensors for disk valve drive position check-back signalling. However, use of cylindrical sensors had disadvantages, because two sensors and additional installation accessories were usually necessary.


NBN3-F25-E8-V1 valve position sensors
NBN3-F25-E8-V1 valve position sensors

In co-operation with the valve manufacturer Nocado, a total of 80 NBN3-F25-E8-V1 valve position sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs were installed in a Symex homogenizing system. Special accessories, such as stainless steel brackets and plastic actuators, round off this application.

Customer benefits

Use of rectangular F25 structure sensors has the advantage that fewer installation accessories are required, and the overall structure gives the effect of being more compact and clear.