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Operating the IO-Link System

Commissioning IO-Link Devices within the Automation System

IO-Link system configuration consists of several steps. First, the IO-Link master is integrated into the automation system and configured with the corresponding device description for the respective fieldbus system. The device description file contains information on the address range, the number of ports, and the characteristics of the module itself.
The second step covers the parameterization of IO-Link devices with an IO-Link configuration tool. This tool reads the IODD provided by the manufacturer and assigns the corresponding ports, their addresses, and finally the parameters.

Parameterization during Operation

When different, customized products are made on one production line, recipe changes and retrofitting of machines are often necessary. For example in filling plants, where different materials and/or packaging are used, or in machinery and plant engineering, where different versions are produced. This often results in plant down time, which can be costly. IO-Link allows sensors and actuators to be configured via simultaneous transfer of process and parameter data directly from the control system and during operation. This enables continuous production in batch size 1 since there are no setup times.

Production in Batch Size 1: Parameterization During Operation

With the simultaneous transfer of process and parameter data, IO-Link enables the reparameterization of sensors and actuators during operation.


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