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FieldConnex Fieldbus Infrastructure for ONGC C2C3 Dahej Petrochemicals in India [Reference]

Project details

ONGC C2C3 Dahej Petrochemicals Application
ONGC C2C3 Dahej Petrochemicals Application

Customer | ONGC

Project | C2C3

Location | Dahej, India

Completion | 2008

Project report

Pepperl+Fuchs with its FieldConnex range of fieldbus interface solutions has been selected as the main FOUNDATION Fieldbus supplier to Yokogawa and the global EPC for this prestigious project. Pepperl+Fuchs will offer its fully redundant Power Hub system with Advanced Diagnostic Module (ADM). This powerful ADM will allow end-user access to a commissioning wizard that automatically documents and establishes alarm limits as well as performance history. As a result, ONGC will be able to audit and record fieldbus loops during commissioning with a snapshot feature saving repetitive and labor-intensive work. The snapshots will provide vital data during future troubleshooting and maintenance procedures.

The implementation of FieldConnex will result in the highest possible availability of the fieldbus system and long-term OPEX savings.

Pepperl+Fuchs will also provide equipment on the field side, namely Field Barriers in stainless steel enclosures with isolation switches. These FieldBarriers protect the fieldbus segment and plant operation from short circuits and allow connectivity of hazardous devices to the fieldbus. Live work on field instruments is permitted without a hot work permit, netting superior plant availability. The FieldConnex fieldbus products are completely designed and manufactured by Pepperl+Fuchs ensuring our customers’ long-term success.

Pepperl+Fuchs will supply the Power Hub, ADM, and Field barriers for a total of 55 segments.