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Wsparcie Ochrony przed wybuchem

The Bebco EPS 6500 Series Ex pyb purge and pressurization system provides reliable protection for operating general-purpose electrical equipment in Zone 1/21 explosion hazardous locations. Utilizing the flexible Ex p protection method, the 6500 Series is a fully automaticsystem. It will purge a common enclosure of hazardous gas or dust and maintain a positive pressure, reducing the classification within the protected enclosure from Zone 1/21 to a non-hazardous area.

  • Suitable for reducing Zone 1/21 hazardous location to a non-hazardous area
  • ATEX/IECEx certification for gas and dust and SIL 2 certified
  • Operates on enclosure sizes up to 12.7 cubic meters (450 cubic ft.)
  • Automatic monitoring and control of enclosure pressure and temperature
  • Remote communication via HART/RS485 and Bluetooth (dedicated smart device app available)
  • Dilution and continuous flow functionality
  • All firmware and hardware SIL 2 functional safety third party certified by exida

Note: Vents are required for all 6500 series purging systems. 

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