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DIN rail (Power Rail)

The Power Rail consists of a 35 mm DIN rail with gold-plated inlays. Gold-plated connectors on the bottom of the modules simply snap onto the Power Rail. This eliminates point-to-point connections and provides a path for the collective error message from individual isolators. Power Rails are available in two versions:

  • 3 rails (UPR-03) that supply power and error signals
  • 5-rail version (UPR-05) with 2 rails for power and three rails for serial data exchange

Power feed modules

Power feed modules provide the link between the power rail and the external 24 V source. A redundant power supply with two power feed modules offers a high degree of safety. If a fuse opens in one module, the second module continues to energize the Power Rail. An alarm contact within the unit indicates a power loss or the collective error message from the individual I/O modules.

Power supplies

Pepperl+Fuchs provides 120/240 V AC power supplies to deliver 24 V DC at 4 A or 500 mA. These units connect to the Power Rail and eliminate the need for power feed modules. They add flexibility to the installation and enhance the power distribution options for the K-System.

Safety Products Selector

Choose from various selection criteria like safety integrity level, performance level, device function, and signal type and find the SIL/PL assessed device that you are looking for.